Farm Holiday In Liguria. Everything Homemade

The agricultural activity is developed in the orchard that surrounds the structure and along the hillside terraces. Here the techniques of organic cultivation have been integrated with the traditional ones.


Fruit trees and Aromatic plants

The orchard extends for about 2 hectares planted with fruit trees from which we get, when possible, the jam that we propose for breakfast, family garden and olive grove. The cultivation techniques integrate the organic ones with the traditional ones.

The main production consists of stone fruits such as cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, but also pears, apples, kiwis, figs, persimmons … All fruits that accompany us from March to October with blooms multicolored and scents now forgotten.

Along the bands you can discover and recognize by their unmistakable scent the many aromatic and medicinal plants such as lavender, thyme, rosemary, myrtle, sage, caper.


Honey homemade

In addition to agricultural activities we are passionate about the world of bees. Thanks to the three hard-working families we are proud to be able to make you taste the honey we produce.

We are part of the association Apiliguria.


Animals are our Friends

Animals are welcome to LaValleggia! It will not be difficult to meet the regular guests of the farm while walking free in the woods: dairy goats, laying hens, rooster, rabbit, kittens, dog and dwarf sheep.

If you are travelling with your four-legged friend, please let us know of their presence and we will be happy to assign you the most suitable room to accommodate you.


Fresh seasonal products

The production of the family vegetable garden follows the seasonality strictly respecting the territory and what it can offer.
Everything that the territory produces will be served at the table or used in the kitchen for the preparation of breakfasts and dinners, at the request of our guests.